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Christian Schools, Finances & Online Courses

Financial-based decisions are occurring in almost every school: public, private, and international. While financial stewardship has always been a hallmark of the Christian school movement, the decisions to cut faculty, reduce the breadth of classes offered, and close schools may lessen the impact of Christian education in the United States.

This white paper describes the changed landscape of education and presents opportunities for Christian Schools to thrive financially in this new environment. If your school is concerned about financial sustainability, be sure to read this seminal white paper.

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Classifying K-12 Blended Learning

In this report, the Innosight Institute defines a standard naming convention for blended learning models. The terminology in this report is useful for creating a shared language to communicate a vision for online learning to your school and the broader K–12 community.

Source: Innosight Institure, Heather Staker and Michael B. Horn, May 2012

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