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Join us for a free webinar to advance Christian education at your school. Our featured presenters provide the latest information to engage today's digital natives, increase academic achievement and implement effective online learning programs.

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Leadership in Digital Age Schools – Critical Issues

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Event Description:

This professional development webinar will empower leaders to make positive changes to education with new technologies.

Watch now to discover:
• Why a technology plan is more important than ever.
• How to use and support technology for instruction.
• Ways to increase your teachers’ digital capacity.
• New acceptable use policy tips for students & staff.

This recording is freely available to help administrators learn effective strategies for technology planning.

Featured Presenters:

Susan Brooks-Young
Author and Consultant

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Speak Up Survey Insights for Private School Leaders (April 15, 2014)

Event Description:

The Speak Up national findings have been helping private schools define education technology policies for 11 years. Each year, the views of private school stakeholders are captured to identify key trends and help plan for 21st century education.

Join us for an informative presentation that will help you discover:

  • What technology solutions administrators want most
  • Where schools are prioritizing technology investments
  • Which technologies students and parents want at school
  • How students learn to write digitally and manage their digital footprint
  • What major concerns parents have about privacy and BYOD

Featured Presenter:

Julie Evans
Project Tomorrow

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10 Technology Trends that will Change Education (and the world)

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Event Description:

In a world that changes daily, how are Christian teachers, administrators, and technology specialists to plan for the future of instruction?

The key is not to look at headlines, new products, or fads, but rather to examine the greater trends which these support. This webinar will examine ten major trends in technology that will likely have an impact on education.

Watch now to discover the possibilities, challenges, and ways that teachers and administrators can prepare for the elusive horizon of tomorrow.

Featured Presenters:

Greg Dhuyvetter
Diocese of Orange

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