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Say "Yes" to your Families this Summer and Fall

Meeting the needs of students has always been the key to retention and building a school's reputation. Families expect more academic options from schools with every passing year. Wouldn't it be nice to say "No problem! We can do that." when you get special requests for courses? You are invited to watch an informational webinar that will discuss how to leverage online courses for recurring challenges in the summer and fall semester.

Watch this webinar to discover innovative solutions for:

  • Individualizing learning with new electives.
  • Resolving scheduling conflicts with flexible options.
  • Providing courses for out-of-sequence students.
  • Retaining students with summer credit recovery.
  • Pursuing academic gifts and passions.





How Online Courses can help Schools in the Second Semester

The second semester is a great time to start an online learning partnership with Sevenstar. In this webinar, we explain how Sevenstar can help meet second semester needs:

  • Seniors who need a course to graduate.
  • Transfer students who are out of sequence.
  • Struggling students who need remediation or individualized learning options.
  • Upperclassman who want AP and Dual Enrollment options for college.

Online courses can be a big help. Sometimes the challenge is learning the best way to use them. Come and gather ideas.





A Financial Case for Online Courses

Watch Dr. R. Mark Beadle explain the changed landscape of education and discover ways for private schools to thrive in this new environment. You will hear from school leaders about what schools like yours are doing today to keep tuition increases down and better serve students (both current and prospective).

Learn how to thrive financially with proven ways to:
  • Grow new revenue streams
  • Retain current students
  • Recruit new students
  • Expand course selection with fewer resources
  • Meet the demand for personalized education

Online Courses can make a great investment. Sometimes the challenge is knowing how to pay for them. Come and gather ideas.




Meeting School Challenges with Online Courses

Can your school afford to offer all the courses that students want this year?

  • AP courses
  • Foreign languages
  • College level material
  • High school grade levels
  • ELL curriculum
  • Credit recovery

If your school could benefit from a broader and more flexible curriculum, watch now to discover online learning solutions for common school challenges.





Planning for Online Summer School with Sevenstar

Have you considered online courses to provide a high-quality, summer school experience to students in your area?

Watch Bob Kraft , VP sales at Sevenstar, discuss:

  • What options you can offer this summer
  • How a small staff can offer a broad range of courses
  • Ways it can benefit students, schools, and finances

See how your school can easily offer more than 200 courses this summer, including credit recovery, grades 6-12, and dual credit.





Practical Steps for Starting an Online Program

Learn practical steps for starting an online program from the VP of Sales at Sevenstar. Bob Kraft has six years of applied experience guiding school leaders to the best solutions for their academic needs.

In this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why schools partner vs. build their own online program
  • How much time it typically takes to get started
  • What Sevenstar can do to make it easier
  • How to make your program financially sustainable
  • What the typical benefits are for schools

Watch now to learn how to provide a greater variety learning opportunities at your school.





Individualizing Education with Online Courses

Parents today seem to want it all. They are often willing to move to another schooling option—often one that does not have the same spiritual values as the home—when they think their child is not receiving the best education. In this webinar, you will learn how to meet the demand for more diverse and flexible learning options through an online program at your school.

Is meeting parent expectations a challenge for your school? Discover how to:

  • Resolve scheduling conflicts
  • Meet out-of-sequence course requests
  • Offer individualized education options
  • Provide small classes without having to hire faculty

What is the biggest hurdle at your school? Funding, Academic Quality, Curriculum Breadth, Program Flexibility or Time? Watch now to see the results from the live poll conducted in this webinar.





Solving Common International School Problems with Online Courses

Join Mikki Schmidt from Sahel Academy in Niger to hear their experience solving common international school problems. Like many of their peers they want to offer all the classes students need, but do not have the teachers or financial capacity. Hear what they learned as they worked through issues and recount their successes.

Watch now to see the audience poll results for online learning usage at international schools. An informative Q&A session is also included at the end of the webinar.



Starting or Growing an Online Summer School

In this 15 minute presentation you will discover how your school can begin its own online program to help students catch up and get ahead in the summer. In this webinar, you will learn about the:

  • Advantages of online summer programs
  • Benefits to students and schools
  • Options you can provide this summer

A summer school success story is also presented at the end of the recording.



Using Online Learning in 2012 and Beyond

Should your school dive into online learning this year? Learn about the present-day applications for online courses in secondary education.

Through an online learning partnership, schools of any size can now afford to strengthen academic programs and expand education options. In this webinar, you will discover how Christian schools use Sevenstar to:

  • Enhance existing academic programs
  • Increase course availability and selection
  • Support academic achievement

A school case study will describe the real academic and financial benefits of partnering with Sevenstar.



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