Partnership Levels

Leverage the Power of the Sevenstar Partnership Program

Every school has different needs for online learning. This is why we have developed three partnership levels with features and prices that grow with the scope of your vision:

  • Limited partnerships are designed for schools that want to supplement their curriculum with a limited number of online courses.
  • Associate partnerships are for schools ready to integrate online learning broadly into their programs. Associate level partners supplement their catalog with online courses in a variety of innovative ways: blended learning, summer school, or even a home school outreach program. These schools can even use their own teachers to facilitate online instruction.
  • Custom partnerships are intended for schools that want to supplement and integrate online learning. This is a great choice for schools that want to customize the online learning environment with their school logo and color scheme. Custom partners can even develop their own online courses.


BrandingAt the Limited and Associate levels, the online learning environment is branded with Sevenstar's logo and color scheme.

Custom partners can personalize the learning environment with their school's logo and colors. Having a unique, customized online program will not only impress constituents, but also create a culture that supports 21st century learning.

Establishing program ownership is also important for establishing brand loyalty and credibility with distance learners if you plan to offer a virtual school.


Each partnership level comes with different features and benefits. For example, Limited level partners must use Sevenstar's teachers for online courses, but Associate level partners can use their own teachers. Custom level partners can customize branding and develop new courses.

No matter what the needs are, Sevenstar provides free consultation to make sure the online learning partnership fits your situation and can customize our program upon request. Schools can have as much or as little control over their online school as they desire.

Sevenstar would love to serve your school! Contact us to discuss how we can help your school join the online learning community.

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