Partnership Coaching

Everyone Needs a Coach

Starting an online learning program at your school is a challenge that should not be undertaken alone! This is why every Sevenstar partner has a professional implementation manager to help along the way. Think of the coaching component of the Sevenstar partnership like the construction of a ramp to accomplish online education goals. The Partnership Coaching relationship begins where you are and ascends to the place you want to be. Our partnership can be described in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Start-up
  • Phase 2: Program Launch
  • Phase 3: Review & Renewal

A school's Partner Coach helps navigate the new terrain of online learning by assisting in the details associated with each phase of the new Partnership. In the Start-up Phase, the focus is on getting familiar with the systems and oversight roles to get students registered, enrolled and off to a successful start. The Coach is the most "hands-on" during this phase of implementation and provides a wide array of training options and documentation.

In the second phase, implementation is about supporting and nurturing the growing Partnership. As the program makes an official launch, the Coach begins to introduce the school to other options and resources that can help attain the school's vision for online learning—whether it is meeting needs in the current year or beginning a long term vision.

The Review & Renewal Phase is fueled by experience and feedback. It is an opportunity to examine what went well and what could have been better about a school's first experience with online learning. It is also a time to make plans and preparations for the next enrollment term. The Partner Coach can help you give families access to the online course catalog, encourage enrollment, and help Sevenstar curriculum become a successful part of your Christian school.

Ongoing Help and Tips

Partner Coaches also send scheduled email messages with tips for implementing a Sevenstar partnership and managing the online learning program. Tips cover a range of topics—they could be a reminder from one piece of the training already received, a featured "best practice" for helping students prosper, or even some best practices from other schools. All of these tips are available on demand from the Sevenstar Blog. Through a Coach, the partner will also gain access to Partner Resource Portal—an online storehouse filled with printable documentation, training videos, links, tutorials, strategic plans and more.


Possibly the best part of becoming a Partner with Sevenstar is joining a community of Christian school leaders like you. Your Coach can establish a link to school administrators around the world who have already successfully implemented a program similar to your school's vision for online learning. You will learn from the wisdom and experience of other school leaders who have already been successful with online learning. Some Christian school leaders will even participate in a webinar hosted by a Partnership Coach to help a school get started down the right path.

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