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Our calling is to provide Christian schools with digital learning solutions that enhance ministry programs. Since 2006, Sevenstar has partnered with over 300 schools and delivered online courses to over 20,000 students. When you partner with Sevenstar, you can be assured of quality Christian curriculum and instruction. Our program is accredited by AdvancEd—one of the most widely recognized and respected names in education.

As an education and ministry partner to your school, Sevenstar provides access to an online platform for teaching digital courses and managing online learners. We have negotiated large license agreements with core technology partners—such as Angel/Blackboard and BrainHoney—so that you do not have to manage the financial or operational details of an online school. We bring all of our resources to you so you can focus on your mission: Christian education. If you want to develop your own courses, our platform will help you accomplish this at a lower cost than trying to do this on your own. Our professional services team can provide tools and expertise for customizing your learning environment or curriculum whenever needed.

Our philosophy is to partner with the best…

Rather than build digital courses from scratch, we utilized the best, award-winning curriculum partners like FLVS, Aventa, Summit Ministries and Prep Me as a basis for our curriculum. We then negotiated the rights to modify the courses to include biblical integration and Christian Worldview teaching throughout the courses.

Partnership Case Study

Due to economic factors in their community, one of our custom partners in Montana was experiencing a decline in enrollment. By partnering with Sevenstar, they offered Spanish III and Chinese to a handful of students instead of hiring part time teachers for these classes. They also had two students who lived about 50 miles from their school who were going to withdraw, but the school was able to retain by configuring a more flexible schedule. By promoting online course offerings on their website, they strengthened their recruiting tools and attracted an out-of-state student from Texas for an individual course.

Situation: Decreasing enrollment due to economic factors

Solution: Use of Online Courses:

      • Spanish III students (3)

      • Chinese I student (1)

      • Retained full-time students (2)

      • New part-time student from out-of-state (1)

By using online courses to meet academic needs, this school saved $6000 in part time teacher costs, retained two tuition units worth $7000 in revenue, and created a program that earned a minimum of $65 per course for individuals outside of their current student body. See a summary of the tangible benefits from their Sevenstar partnership below:

Financial Impact (Net after course costs)

    • Cost savings: 2 P/T teacher cost ($6000)

    • Revenue Retention: 2 tuition units ($7000)

    • New Revenue Source: Profit per course ($65)

As a result of their online program, this school saw a $13,000 impact on their bottom line in just the first year of operation.

Getting Started

Based on your unique vision for launching online learning, a Partnership Representative will help you decide on the right Partnership Level with Sevenstar. After your questions are answered and you are ready to sign up as a partner, our online system will guide you through a 15 minute setup process.

Once your Partnership begins, Phase One of our relationship is a Blueprint planning session. There, you will meet your Partner Coach, who will assist you through the Implementation Phase. We also offer web resources which help you effectively structure your online learning program, utilize tools, and discover new ways to meet your school needs. Our goal is to help you succeed!

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