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More CoursesEven the most prosperous schools dream about adding courses to their curriculum. With online learning, it is now possible to offer more classes without having to increase the teaching workload or learning space. Sevenstar provides access to an expansive collection of on-demand courses that can be taken anywhere with internet access. Whether a foreign language or out-of-sequence course is needed, an online program can efficiently serve a variety of teaching needs for on-campus students and distance learners.

Picture Sarah, a student who aspires to enroll in AP Calculus class to strengthen her college application. Since Sevenstar courses are asynchronous, Sarah can register and begin online any Monday of the year that coincides with her school calendar. On a typical school day, Sarah may split her time between a classroom setting and a computer lab doing online coursework. Should Sarah desire to do service work or college visits during the semester, she has the flexibility to keep up with her studies while traveling. The Sevenstar pace chart keeps Sarah on schedule to complete the course on time to take her AP exam. We're glad to serve students like Sarah who use online curriculum to advance their God-given talents.

The ability to enhance school offerings is one of the most common reasons to start an online program, which is why schools at all levels of partnership with Sevenstar have full access to the entire curriculum catalog. Sevenstar helps fill curriculum gaps overnight, respond to changing schedules, and meet unexpected course needs. Contact us for a personal demonstration of what Sevenstar can do for your school.

Branch Out to Improve School Competitiveness

Like many Christian schools today, one of our partner schools in Montana was experiencing a decrease in enrollment due to community-wide economic factors. When this school became a Sevenstar partner, however, it instantly multiplied the number of courses and options available to the community. In the first year this school has:

  • Added a foreign language department without having to hire new staff.

  • Retained students who thought they had to look elsewhere to get what they needed.

  • Attracted new, part-time students from out of state.

  • Instantly and significantly turned its online program into a profit center.

Through a Sevenstar partnership, this school offered Spanish III and Chinese to a handful of students instead of finding, recruiting and hiring part-time teachers to staff these classes. The school was also able to configure a flexible schedule for two students who lived 50 miles from their school. Without options offered by their online program, these students were going to withdraw from school. By promoting online course offerings on its website, this school attracted an out-of-state student from Texas for one required course.

With online learning, new possibilities turn into real dollars. Because of a partnership with Sevenstar, this school from Montana saved $6000 in part-time teacher costs, retained two tuition units worth $7000 in revenue, and earned at least $65 per course. As you can see, an online program with Sevenstar is a great way to grow your student body.

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Based on your unique vision for launching online learning, a Partnership Representative will help you decide on the right Partnership Level with Sevenstar. After your questions are answered and you are ready to sign up as a partner, our online system will guide you through a 15 minute setup process.

Once your Partnership begins, Phase One of our relationship is a Blueprint planning session. There, you will meet your Partner Coach, who will assist you through the Implementation Phase. We also offer web resources which help you effectively structure your online learning program, utilize tools, and discover new ways to meet your school needs. Our goal is to help you succeed!

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