Solution Overview

Classroom+ is a complete, customizable eLearning solution - it is the digital environment designed to support learning and teaching at your school. The Classroom+ solution is comprised of two primary pieces: the Learning Management Systems (LMS) and the Student Information System (SIS). Students log into the LMS to interact with their online courses, professional online teachers, and peers. School administrators log into the SIS to register new students, request course enrollments, and access existing student grades, progress reports, communication logs and transcripts.

The Classroom+ LMS

Sevenstar partners with industry leaders for online content delivery. The Classroom+ LMS is intuitive and user-friendly, but also packed with helpful guides and a free New Student Orientation course. The learning environment facilitates learning and teaching through a rich set of online tools, such as:

  • Discussion forums
  • Assignment dropboxes
  • Self-scoring online assessments
  • Surveys
  • Blogs, wikis,and games

The Classroom+ SIS

Sevenstar also offers SIS developers who specialize in online learning management. The SIS gives schools and families a wide range of administrative tools to monitor student progress and performance. A partner school can register new students and request courses on any Wednesday, and students can start learning online the following Monday. The SIS is equipped with:

  • New student creation wizards
  • Simple and intuitive course request grids
  • Progress reporting
  • On demand grade reports
  • Teacher-to-student communication history

Christian School Partnerships

Sevenstar offers three price tiers for Christian School Partnerships. All three levels offer access to the full curriculum catalog and the Classroom+ solution. For students, Classroom+ serves as the delivery platform for all of their online coursework and interaction. For administrators, Classroom+ is the "front office" where the online program is managed. At the Custom Partnership level, Classroom+ can be branded with a school logo and colors, and can even become the platform for creating and delivering new online courses. Click here to learn more about the Partnership Program.

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