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About Sevenstar

Sevenstar partners with schools and families worldwide in delivering high quality Christian education. We have more than 90 courses for grades 6-12, as well as over 100 Dual Credit courses from leading Christian Colleges and Universities. Our staff desires to glorify Christ, teach students how to process information, and think critically in the context of a Biblical worldview. Our courses are rigorous and exceed all national standards and recommendations.

The Name

Sevenstar Name

Seven days in the week, seven clean animals taken into the ark, seven years of feast and seven of famine…

Seven lights on the golden lampstand, seven sprinklings of blood on the Mercy Seat, seven circles around Jericho….

Seven dips in the Jordan River, seven loaves and some fish, seven statements of Christ on the cross....

The number seven is significant in God's Word. Seven represents perfection, completeness, and abundance. Stars are mentioned frequently as well as Jesus himself is the Bright and Morning Star, the One whose face shines like the sun.

In Revelation 1:16, Christ holds seven stars in His right hand, which represent the seven angels of the seven churches. In the vast universe God has created, millions of stars reflect His light; yet He has numbered each one, and knows it by name. Likewise, He created millions of people to reflect the Son's light; and yet He still knows each of us by name and desires an intimate, redemptive relationship with us.

And so it is that Sevenstar Academy endeavors to provide Christian education worthy of its name—complete and abundant, glorifying Christ and reflecting His light to those who seek Him, across all seven continents of the earth He created.

What Our Schools Are Saying

"[Sevenstar] can open up a world of possibilities for the missionary family, for the family that wants hands-on vocational training and yet still be taught a Christian world view in other subjects, and for students that suffer the misfortune of a serious illness that inhibits them from school attendance. We as the Christian community need to offer a Christian alternative to the secular online courses which are so readily available today."

Linda Hoeflich, Division of Independent Studies, Mansfield Christian School

"We value the flexibility it gives the school to offer an alternative delivery system of courses for students.  Families value the flexibility it gives students to take courses for various reasons: to get ahead, for grade replacement, for travel reasons, and for timing issues.  It gives the school the flexibility to reach new audiences outside our geographic area.  It offers flexibility with students who may learn differently from traditional approaches."

Jeff Woodcock, Superintendent, Oaks Christian School

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